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Kansas Plastic Surgery

Added $1.70+MM in NEW Top Line Revenue within 36 Months

Dr. Kenton Schoonover of Kansas Plastic Surgery started his practice in 2016 and tried growing it through conventional marketing methods like TV & radio. 

Dr. Schoonover joined the Rank Surgeons Program, and in a span of just 36 months, his practice has seen substantial growth, adding over $1.7MM in NEW Top Line Revenue. As a result, Dr. Schoonover has been able to end his plastic surgery commitment at the local hospital, invest in a brand-new facility, and he now dedicates himself to the cosmetic procedures he’s truly passionate about.

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Our Elite Aesthetics Programs were specifically designed to help aesthetic practice owners.  

We know the value in hard work and that it’s the only way for long-term sustainable growth – after all, you didn’t become a surgeon overnight.  Our programs builds your brand, ranks your website, attracts your ideal patients, highlights your best work, and scales your practice.  

Reach out to us to learn more and we’re certain we can find a solution for you.

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Client's Frequently Asked Questions!

We strive for the best outcomes for our clients and there are many variables that can influence ROI, such as market size, procedure type, and competition.  Given these factors we're unable to guarantee a specific ROI, however it's important to know that we keep our clients within our program for several years - we know that's because we help them realize a significant positive ROI.

Yes, absolutely!  We recognize and value the uniqueness of every client and their needs.  Over the years, having collaborated with over 200 aesthetic practices, we've honed a program that efficiently addresses the core needs with zero fluff work.  This foundational program is the culmination of proven strategies and best practices.  If we encounter specific elements or strategies you'd like to integrate, we are open to tailoring our program to ensure it aligns with your business requirements.

We will use a mix of services and tools to bring a positive ROI for your practice.  Our skillset includes web development, SEO, paid advertising, and more, however, our greatest skillset is a keen sense of when and where to make strategic adjustments.  Just as you may have a deep understanding in your craft and know precisely where to intervene, we pride ourselves on being 'surgeons' of marketing.  It's our specialty to ensure your campaigns are always on the path to success.

Our approach to differentiating your practice from local competitors centers around putting the spotlight on what truly sets you apart — YOU. We dive deep into understanding the unique aspects, stories, and strengths of your practice. By doing so, we're able to craft tailored campaigns that don't just market services or products, but truly highlight your individuality. This emphasis ensures that you don't just blend into the noise but stand out in the crowd.

When you join the Elite Aesthetics Program and we begin to collaborate, our immediate focus will be on campaigns that generate positive cash flow.  This approach put us ahead in the race instead of patiently waiting for results. However, while we target initial quick wins, it's essential to understand that sustainable, long-term growth is a progressive journey. After seeing early WINS, we strategically build on that momentum to create consistent and compounded growth over time. 

Our shortest program starts with a 6 month agreement.  Just as in the world of cosmetic procedures where certain treatments take time to yield the best outcomes, our marketing strategies follow a similar trajectory. Immediate results are similar to immediate post-operative changes, but the truly transformative effects, the ones that have profound impacts, develop over longer periods. For instance, see our case study above, while there were early signs of progress, the most significant return – over $1.7 million in revenue – was realized over a span of years. It's this long-term vision and commitment to growth that sets our program apart.

Yes, absolutely! The website and content we create for you are indeed yours. You have full ownership rights over them. At the same time, we consider ourselves partners in your success, and while you have primary ownership, we take a vested interest in ensuring everything we produce aligns with best practices and serves your brand effectively. Think of it as a collaborative effort: you own the assets, but we're here to ensure they perform at their best for you.

Yes, we can absolutely provide social media content creation and it's a feature of our Elite Pro Program. This package has been tailored based on feedback and demands from our most successful and expansive clients.  If you find that you don't have time to create your own content and you'd prefer to handle everything for you then you'll want to be in our Elite Pro Program. This ensures not only a consistent online presence but also high-quality content that resonates with your target audience.

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“Working with their proven system has dramatically improved my practice revenue.”

Chris Joseph, DO, FACS

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“It was a flood of new bookings…one single campaign booked my practice for 4 weeks”

Kamran Khazaei, MD, FACOG

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